Tracking attendee invitation status

With Magnetiq, you and your team can track the invitation status of each attendee at the event:

Indeed, you can see the invitation status of an attendee directly in the second column of the attendee list:

If You click on an Attendee profile, you will be able to change their invitation status by clicking one of the following options:

  • To be contacted
  • To be confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Not attending

Please remember to always click the "Save" button when changing an Attendee status.

Editing multiple attendees

If you need to update the status of multiple attendees, no need to do it one by one, you can  edit the status of multiple attendees at once.

With Email invites

As you send an invitation email to an attendee with status "To be contacted", this will automatically be updated in "To be confirmed".

In case you send an invite with RVSP buttons:

  • if the attendee clicks on the RSVP YES, their status will automatically be updated in "Confirmed"
  • if the attendee clicks on the RSVP NO, their status will automatically be updated in "Not attending"
In both cases: 
  • below the Invitation Status, it will appear the date of the RSVP response
  • the related icon in the list will change color (green for Confirmed, orange for Not attending

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