Control your teams activities: User Permissions and Activity log

The admins of the application will have total control because:

1. For each event, the admin can manage user access at any time here is explained how

2. Each user activity is tracked in the activity list, so that you will know why changes happen, and who is the colleague who made a change. This is great to help you collaborate better, and be aware of what is going on during the process.The Activity Log can be accessed by the "Activity" link in the header or clicking in the "See all" link aside "Recent activity" on the right part of the Dashboard:

The Activity log can be searched by seat (i.e. A.5.2), to have the history of the people that has been seated or unseated in a given seat, or by user, to see what a certain manager did on a particular day or guest, and by guest, to see who seated a particular guest.

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