How to import contacts from an Excel file

  1. Go to Contacts > click on the button up on the right "Import from Excel"
  2. Download the file template.xls to use as a reference
  3. Pay attention to the column title and order of the .xls template
  4. Please notice that Name, Surname, Country are mandatory fields
  5. Create a different Excel file for each Area
  6. Paste your data in the file, by respecting the column order
  7. Upload the file (accepted format .xls)

A preview will appear, where you can check your data and correct possible before importing:

Once you've fixed all blocking issues, the button "Import contacts" up on the right will become available. Just click it, and you're done!

Please notice that if some people are already in your Contacts data-base, they will not be duplicated: their data will be just updated in case you have changed something (for instance email or job title).

When importing contacts, the fields Title, Name, Surname, Job Title will be automatically Capitalized (first letter in uppercase, remaining letters in lowercase).

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