Sending out seat assignment to attendees

Sending out seat assignment to attendees

Once you've decided where people will sit at your event, you can send every attendee an email to let them know their seat number in one step using the {{SEAT_NUMBER}} text tag.

Each guest will receive an email personalised with their seat number.

Here's how:

  • Inside the event, click on the Invitations link on the top right menu and create an invitation
  • Select the recipients, complete the setup, and create your template as usual
  • Write the body text as you please, including a phrase where you’d like to automatically add in the seat, for example “Your seat will be:”
  • In the sentence where you want to communicate the seat assignment, click on the "Add tag" menu on bottom right of the text field
  • Select the tag "Seat number"
  • The tag will be automatically written as {{SEAT_NUMBER}}
  • The {{SEAT_NUMBER}} tag will automatically be replaced in each email with the seat assigned to the recipient



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