To create a new invitation email, enter an Event, and click on the link "Invitations" on the main menu on top right.

You'll see all the invitations that have been created for the event, and you will have two options:

  1. Create a new invitation (by using the blue button on top right)

  2. Duplicate an existing invitation (by clicking on the related arrow button on the right)

Duplicating an existing invitation

You will have 2 options:

  • Duplicate

  • Duplicate with recipients


This option will duplicate your invite, keeping the same setup and template, with no selection of recipients, allowing you to focus exclusively to the new list of recipient you want to send the invite.

Duplicate with recipients

This option will duplicate your invite, keeping the same setup, template and recipient selection, so that you can send the invite to the same group of people with an updated content.

Managing an invitation email

The creation of each Email invitation is made of 4 Steps:

  1. Recipients

  2. Setup

  3. Template

  4. Confirm

1. Recipients

The first step is to select the recipients that will receive your invitation.

Use the filters on the left, and select the people you want to send the invitation to.

(On the right, the system will automatically tell you how many recipients have been selected)

Please notice that among all your Contacts, the list on the left will show as available recipients only:

  • the people that have been added to the event

  • the contacts that have a valid email address

2. Setup

The second step is about the information to setup the invitation:

  • Name your campaign: the internal name that you will use to distinguish this campaign from others (the recipients won't see this information)

  • Email Subject

  • From Name: the name that will appear as Sender, regardless of the email address (i.e. Press office, or Amy Bennet)

  • From Email address: the email address that will appear in the From field. We strongly recommend to use your own domain here, to increase the chance of avoiding spam filters. To see how to do it, you should set up a custom DKIM authentication for your domain.

  • Personalize the TO field: choose how you want to display the recipient's name: Name Surname, Surname Name, or just the Name

3. Template

In Magnetiq you have two options to design an email template:

A. using the template builder

B. coding your own HTML

A. The template builder has a fixed layout and pre-defined styles, with limited customization options. In particular, you will be able to add and manage:

  • logo

  • banner image

  • background color

  • text of the message (title and body)

  • RSVP Buttons

  • QR Code, to scan guest invitation at the check-in

  • the Footer text

The template builder is a great option if you can't code your own HTML, and it allows to create a beautiful responsive email design very quickly.

B. Coding your own HTML template will allow to have more control over your email design than our template can offer.

In the right sidebar:

  • choose "Code your HTML"

  • paste the HTML code from your file into the text area

  • click "Apply"

Remember that both with the template builder and your own HTML code you can use merge tags to:

4. Confirm and send test emails

The system will automatically check if there's any issue with your invitation, eg:

  • No recipients selected

  • No email address in the setup

  • The Title is still the one from the initial example

  • etc.

And in case it will suggest you what to correct.

Send a test email

You can also send a test email to see how a campaign will appear in your inbox, or to share a draft campaign with a colleague.

If the verifications are all good, the "Send a test email" button will be active, you can click it, and it will open a window where you can type the email address you want to send the test to.

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