A session is an appointment between a member of your team (administrator or manager) and one of your contacts (buyer or journalist).

Each session has a unique URL that you can either:

  • share with your client, in case you want them to have a self-service visit of the showroom
  • use in your browser, then share the browser in a video conference with your client to guide them through the showroom

Price Group

If your Showroom is set to manage Orders, each session will be connected to a specific Price Group.

Retailer (Door)

You can also add a Retailer (Door) to the session, in case you want to specify which is the store your contact is making the order for.

Date and time

You can set a date and time for each session.


If your showroom is in a physical space, you can set a table where the meeting will take place.

Creating a session

To create a Session, you have to click on the "Add session" button on top right in the Showroom initial page.

When you create a session you will have the following fields:


The area or team related to the session.


The client or journalist you're meeting with.

Write at least three characters of the contact name, and select one of the suggestions from your contact list. If you can't find the contact you are searching for, check in the Contact list.

  • the contact might be there, but with a different spelling
  • the contact might not have been added yet, in which case add it to the Contact list

Managed by

Who is managing the session - it might be you, or one of your teammates

Collection microsite(s)

The visibile collection microsite(s) inside the showroom.

You don't have necessarily to select a microsite to create a session, but if you don't select any, the link to the showroom will not be accessible.

Price Group

The price group you want to adopt for the session. This option will be available only if the showroom is set up to manage orders.

Retailer (Door)

If you want to specify the store your contact is ordering for.


You might add a data in case you want to set an appointment for the session. This option will enable the two following fields.


The time scheduled for the appointment.


In case the showroom takes place inside a physical space, and you want to specify the table (or room) of your meeting.

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